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  • Added support for password reset for users that exist only on BC (not yet synced with WP).

  • Delete all channels from the WP database on plugin uninstall so a fresh channel list is pulled when reinstalling and connecting to a new store.

  • Added support for changing the SKU element when selecting variants. This adds a wrapper
    around the SKU value where JS targets the wrapper and updates the text.

    NOTE: Update your product-sku.php template accordingly.


  • Within Embedded Checkout, logging out using the EC sign out button now triggers
    a callback to log the user out of wordpress as well via wp_logout().

  • The SKU text now updates after changing options on a product.

    NOTE: product-sku.php template updated to v.1.1.0.


  • Fixed background colors in 2021 theme.

  • Fixed banner overlaps the mobile menu icon on 2021 theme.

  • Fixed top/bottom banners set for WordPress Twenty-Seventeen theme not showing up on home page.